New Rules to Simplify Broadband Switching in the UK

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In an effort to simplify broadband service switching for UK residents, the telecommunications regulator Ofcom has introduced new rules effective from 12 September 2024. To support this initiative, iconectiv UK Limited announced its registration as a Managed Access Provider (MAP) with The One Touch Switching Company (TOTSCo). This move will provide UK Communications Providers (CPs) with the necessary flexibility to comply with the evolving residential broadband market.

The One Touch Switch (OTS) mandate requires CPs to implement measures to facilitate seamless switching for residents, presenting an opportunity for providers to attract new customers through innovative services. However, the deployment of these measures poses certain challenges.

TOTSCo, tasked with developing and operating the OTS platform known as the TOTSCo One Touch Switch Hub, will handle customer service details and necessary data exchanges between gaining and losing CPs. As a registered MAP, iconectiv UK Limited offers Full Management and Technical MAP services tailored to meet a CP’s business requirements.

With extensive experience in developing and managing communication service-switching gateways globally, iconectiv UK Limited supports nearly 5,000 customers and manages billions of transactions for various entities worldwide.

Peter Ford, Executive Vice President of Information Solutions Business at iconectiv, highlighted the company’s unique position in aiding UK CPs with the OTS requirements. He emphasized that their expertise in managing service-switching gateways ensures seamless broadband switching for residents, helping providers meet regulatory demands and capitalize on new market opportunities.

Iconectiv’s comprehensive service package aims to avoid costly implementation overruns, with an all-inclusive annual fee and no hidden charges.

Iconectiv UK Limited’s role as a MAP is to bridge the gap between a CP’s internal operations and the TOTSCo One Touch Switch Hub. Their Managed Access Gateway platform streamlines the switching process, offering real-time coordination between CPs. This enables efficient customer switch requests at reduced costs and with fewer errors through a secure web-based GUI portal or API.

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