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Zoom Introduces Workvivo for Reseller Partners

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Zoom has unveiled Workvivo by Zoom for its reseller partners, expanding access to the employee experience platform designed to streamline communication and boost engagement. This move follows Zoom’s acquisition of Workvivo in April 2023, aimed at enhancing its collaboration tools and providing innovative ways for businesses to keep employees informed and connected.

Previously, Zoom had initiated a referral program for its partners to introduce Workvivo to their clients. Recently, Meta selected Workvivo as its preferred migration partner, as Meta phases out its Workplace platform.

Mark Jenkins, Zoom’s head of global channels and alliances, highlighted the benefits of this new offering: “Our partners can now grow their business and expand their service portfolios with Workvivo, enhancing the employee experience for customers worldwide.”

John Goulding, founder of Workvivo and head of digital employee experience at Zoom, emphasized the synergy between Workvivo and Zoom’s existing services. He noted that customers could integrate Workvivo’s functionalities into their current Zoom setup or utilize it as a standalone platform. Goulding expressed excitement about making Workvivo available to Zoom’s partners, aiming to improve employee engagement across various sectors.

Regan Collins, CEO of Cocentric and a key partner, praised Workvivo’s exceptional engagement capabilities. Collins remarked on the platform’s ability to connect employees across diverse work environments, from offices to factory floors, and expressed enthusiasm about Workvivo’s integration into Zoom’s channel, anticipating significant market growth.

Incorporating Workvivo into the Zoom Workplace desktop app has created a seamless user experience, allowing easy navigation between Workvivo and other Zoom features like Team Chat and Meetings. The recent integration of Zoom Rooms with Workvivo TV further enhances this by enabling organizations to broadcast their Workvivo content directly to screens in Zoom Rooms, fostering greater employee engagement.

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