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Vodafone launches the first V by Vodafone wearable IoT devices

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While the IoT market continues to grow, Vadofone has announced the launch of two new consumer IoT products in their V by Vodafone range – V-SOS Band by Vodafone and V-Kids Watch by Vodafone.

Last November, the telecom giant made its move into the consumer IoT market with their new range of devices called V by Vodafone. The initial launch focused on four products from different categories: V-Auto by Vodafone, V-Pet by Vodafone, V-Camera by Vodafone and V-Bag by Vodafone, all easily managed via their V by Vodafone App.

The newest additions to the group are human wearable devices aimed to assist people with mobility issues, and to help children develop their independence in a secure manner.

The V-SOS Band by Vodafone is described as an emergency alert wristband, that enables the wearer to send an SOS signal to up to four contacts simply by pressing a button for three seconds. The device has features such as a fall detector that uses an algorithm to identify a fall, and also includes user location identification as well as inactivity and battery alerts.

The V-Kids Watch by Vodafone is a smartwatch for children, that helps parents keep in contact with their kids while giving them more independence. Besides location monitoring and SOS alerts, the kids’ smartwatch has such features as voice and emoji messaging, parental alerts if kids leave a designated safe zone, reminder alerts, and a calculator and games that can be disabled at certain times, such as during school hours.

To use either device, the customers will pay a one-time fee for each device, plus a fixed-rate monthly subscription fee.

“Our growing range of V by Vodafone products and services are enabling our customers to stay connected to everyone and everything that matters to them anytime and anywhere. The V-SOS Band by Vodafone and V-Kids Watch by Vodafone will enable consumers to enjoy greater independence while keeping them safe and secure by being in contact with their families when needed,” said the chief commercial operations and strategy officer at Vodafone Group, Serpil Timuray.

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