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Ottawa-based Versature acquired by net2phone

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The IDT owned VoIP communication service provider net2phone has announced the acquisition of the SaaS-based business phone and communication solutions provider Versature. The two companies will join forces and continue to provide Canadian companies with innovative communication services.

“This transaction will accelerate Versature’s growth trajectory in Canada through a powerful alignment of values and innovative technology for voice and call analytics combined with ready access to capital. As a result, Versature will scale Canadian operations by attracting top talent while continuing to innovate and aggressively pursue opportunities in the Canadian market,” commented Versature’s President and COO, Jonathon Moody.

With the addition of Versature, net2phone has expanded its operational coverage, which now includes Canada, the US, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Spain and Hong Kong. Moreover, the combined revenues of both companies for May, June and July totaled over $5 million.

“We continue to be very pleased by the trajectory of net2phone’s business as it expands internationally,” said the CEO of IDT Corporation, Shmuel Jonas.  “We are looking forward to working with the Versature team to continue their outstanding service to Canadian businesses while leveraging their expertise throughout our global operations.”

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