Ecosmob Gets Forward with SoftSwitch Technology

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Ecosmob Technologies, a leading company in the VoIP industry, has announced the launch of a wholesale softswitch with cutting edge solutions in its open source technology. The company pays special attention to the development of high-quality and cost-efficient VoIP applications for telecom industries worldwide.


With the upcoming 5G and other technology-related cutting-edge developments, it is obvious that the VoIP service providers and wholesale carriers will face the challenges with their growing business volumes. The anticipated success greatly depends on the choice of software and hardware integration, and cross-functional softswitches above all.


Ecosmob’s Class 4 and Class 5 SoftSwitches open up more possibilities for wholesale carriers to make the necessary adjustments and offer consistent integration with other systems, like call center software and CRMs.


The Class 4 SoftSwitch is employed for routing VoIP calls to international locations using an IP network. Key features of the custom development services of this softswitch involve user-friendly web interface, routing options for LNP and MNP, fax, Class 5 and resellers, tracking the call traffic capacity, generating reports for all calls and active calls, billing interface including CDR, and a lot more.


The Class 5 SoftSwitch enables companies to deliver high-quality and feature-rich VoIP services to residential and small office customers integrated with IP enabled devices. Customized development services include reliable and well tested system platforms, call features, highly configured voice mails, emergency number calling, number portability, billing and routing, IVR, callback, analog-to-digital conversion, and so on.


The improvements reflect an ever-increasing need for security and reliability of the open source solutions in the VoIP market. Therefore, the solutions embrace a session border controller, higher security options, supreme ease of use, and web browser-based controls for global telecom services. There is also a customizable white label proposition with multiple languages for multilingual companies.


Ecosmob exploits the potential of open source Asterisk, FreeSwitch and WebRTC along with elements taken from OpenSips and Kamailio, all of which serve to increase the functionality, clear away the bottlenecks and ultimately improve the brand image of the VoIP service provider.

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