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simPRO sets New Zealand on a direct VoIP line

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Job and project management company simPRO has launched a new VoIP phone solution for trade service businesses in New Zealand. The company believes that the new cost-effective integration will help increase employee productivity, expand service and reduce hardware dependency via the use of web phones.


Jonathan Eastgate, simPRO Chief Technology Officer, believes that the VoIP phone integration will be beneficial to trade businesses looking to embrace the industry’s projected digital future. “When using simPRO, the VoIP will draw information to produce caller IDs and maintain call logs which can be viewed in a browser window – all you need is the internet and a headset,” he says.


“VoIP provides a flexible, multi-functional solution that couldn’t be simpler to use. Without the need of a traditional telephone handset taking up space on the desk, users can make a call with a push of the mouse or keyboard and connect with people without any disruption to their workflow.“


Moreover, he points out that all the incoming calls, re-directs and on-hold calls are coordinated on the screen, “meaning you can continue to use your simPRO software on your computer while simultaneously speaking freely to colleagues, customers and contacts about important deals, affairs, meetings, files, documents and agendas.”


Mr. Eastgate also states that while streamlining business communication is a major benefit delivered by VoIP, the costs involved are equally significant for development of business operations. “VoIP can be much cheaper to incorporate than a traditional telephone line, which typically requires a business to be set up with a costly telecommunications deal.”


On the whole, simPRO pursues technological advancements and add-on solutions for its customer base by way of innovations, such as The Internet Of Things and new Data Feeds for efficient data processing. In July 2018 the company was acknowledged as an example of innovation in Australia and New Zealand. It ranked 86th of over 1,000 nominated organisations on the 2018 AFR Most Innovative Companies List.

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