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Panasonic launches a new SIP cordless desk phone

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The extensive lineup of desktop SIP phone systems has been supplemented by yet another cordless solution, as  Panasonic Systems Solutions Company of North America has announced the release of their new SIP cordless KX-TPA68 communication terminal. The phone was designed “for intuitive use and added flexibility as a member of the KX-TGP600 SIP cordless phone system family”.


The Panasonic KX-TPA68 facilitates collaboration among staff members and enables real-time shared call appearance. The communication terminal allows users to pick up calls, retrieve held calls and join calls from lines shared across multiple KX-TPA68 cordless desk phones that are registered to the same base unit. The included features allow users to monitor the status of up to six phone lines on the same screen in real-time, and complete actions with a single touch.


The new solution features an enhanced user interface and is equipped with a 3.5-inch color LCD, 18 self-labeling flexible function keys, high-definition audio, a full-duplex speaker phone and 4dB higher voice volume compared to the previous model. Moreover, with the aim of further increasing audio quality, the company has introduced an upgraded noise reduction feature, which automatically adjusts the received audio volume in noisy environments.


Oliver Bodden, Senior product manager, Unified Communications, Panasonic Systems Solutions Company of North America, said, “We’re thrilled to offer a new cordless desk phone, giving our customers a high-quality solution to meet their changing business needs.”


“With the growth of the UCaaS market making the workforce more mobile, businesses are looking for solutions that will offer convenience and flexibility for their employees so they can do their jobs effectively. Panasonic’s KX-TPA68 does just that – it boosts productivity and collaboration, and offers enhanced sound quality and an intuitive user interface, giving businesses a modern and elegant communication solution that integrates with many different platforms.”


The announcement from Panasonic Systems Solutions Company of North America follows a report issued by the Eastern Management Group, which revealed strong long-term prospects for SIP and the growing demand for SIP trunks, SIP phones, and session border controllers (SBC).

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