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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #35

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Telefonica acquires Govertis Advisory Services

The Spanish international telecommunications company, Telefonica, has announced the acquisition of the Valencia-based consulting company Govertis Advisory Services. The procurement was made through its subsidiary the cybersecurity company ElevenPaths. According to Telefonica, Govertis offers solutions that combine both legal and technological aspects of cybersecurity. The purchase of Govertis is related to Telefonica‘s ongoing investments in security through the development of proprietary solutions, the implementation of technologies in the global SOC network, and the acquisition of and investment in new companies. Eduard Chaveli, CEO and founder of Govertis, commented that this deal was a “natural next step in a long-standing relationship”.


Argentinian government freezes Telco prices

Argentina‘s government has extended a ruling applicable to Internet, mobile and pay-TV providers, preventing them from raising their prices until the end of 2020. These measurements were first implemented in May of this year to combat debt and inflation in the country. Prior to the ban, the country was operating with an inflation rate of 53.8% and public debt exceeding $300 billion. While a freeze on service prices is likely to ease the financial burden for customers and protect them from the planned price hikes, Telcos are unsatisfied and are calling for a revision of the decree.


Grandstream announces the release of a new webcam

Grandstream Networks, a leading provider of IP communications solutions, has announced the release of a new 1080p HD USB webcam. This webcam is the newest addition to Grandstream’s GUV series of Personal Collaboration Devices. The device enables high-quality audio and video collaboration on laptops, computers and more. David Li, CEO of Grandstream, said: “The GUV3100 exemplifies our continued commitment to offering competitive personal collaboration devices that enhance remote communications.” The GUV3100 is available for purchase on the Grandstream global distribution channels for a suggested retail price of $75.


Verizon completes an end-to-end virtualized 5G data session

Telecommunications company Verizon has announced the successful completion of a fully virtualized 5G data session. According to the company, this important stage will help develop their mobile edge computing and networking capabilities, and initiate  the implementation of the entire network-wide vRAN deployment. Network virtualization is the process that fragments the software and hardware functions, allowing the network to be built on more common hardware components. Verizon stated that virtualizing the entire network has been a huge effort in the advancement of  their network architecture.

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Facebook introducing new Messenger Rooms interface

Facebook introduced Messenger Rooms back in April 2020. Now the company is introducing an advanced and extensive interface for this popular application. This addition will also allow users to set a future start date for group chats and manage an attendee list. Facebook will also provide Messenger users with a room customization feature, allowing users to set a custom image or video as their background. The new Rooms features are being rolled out for Messenger on mobile devices this week, with desktop support following in the upcoming months.

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