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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #39

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Germany to retire its 3G network

Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica Deutschland and Vodafone Germany have announced the dates of their 3G network service withdrawal. Deutsche Telekom announced that it will aim to shut down 3G networks by the summer of 2021, while the Vodafone Germany target date was announced to be a few months earlier. Similarly, Telefonica Deutschland has stated that it would like to switch off its 3G technology by the end of 2021. This means that Germany will be essentially dependent on LTE and 5G in just over a year. Deutsche Telekom says the coverage gaps left after the 3G shutdown will be filled by 4G.

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Rogers Communications expanding 5G services

On September 22, the Canadian communications and media company Rogers Communications announced the launch of 5G technology in five new cities. The Ericsson-powered operator has the largest 5G network in Canada. According to the statement, the company is focused on building a powerful 5G environment with strategic investments, top-notch partners and state-of-the-art technologies that will bring the best connectivity in Canada. Jorge Fernandes, Chief Technology and Information Officer, Rogers Communications said: “5G is a game changer that will bring exciting experiences and opportunities to consumers and businesses across Ontario.”

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T-Mobile and American Tower sign a new multi-year contract

T-Mobile and American Tower Corporation signed a nearly 15-year agreement that will bring notable value to both partners. The agreement should improve T-Mobile’s access to American Tower’s US sites, thereby bringing union to the two companies and easing T-Mobile’s 5G deployment across the country. In addition, this agreement also provides American Tower with long-term opportunity for revenue growth. The collaboration will help T-Mobile meet the Americans wireless connection needs in the future, and allow T-Mobile to accelerate their 5G deployment by adding coverage and increasing speeds across the country.

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RingCentral launches in Germany

RingCentral, a global provider of cloud communications, collaboration and contact center solutions, has announced that its communications platform, that includes team messaging, video conferencing and a cloud phone system, will now be available in Germany. The new datacenter is located in Frankfurt and the new office is in Hamburg. RingCentral will offer customers local data warehousing and the ability to register endpoints in the country. The new data center will also provide users with access to local telephone numbers and emergency services in accordance with local laws and regulations.

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Bharti Airtel buys the startup Waybeo

Bharti Airtel has increased its business cloud offering by acquiring 10 percent of the shares in the start-up Waybeo. The investment was made under the operator’s Airtel Startup Accelerator program, and Waybeo is the fifth addition to the project. Waybeo develops tools for the enterprise cloud telephony segment using deep artificial intelligence-based analysis. Airtel’s chief product officer Adarsh Nair said: “We are thrilled to onboard Waybeo to our Start-up Accelerator Programme”. Krishnan R V, the Waybeo CEO commented: “We look at strategic investment from Airtel as an opportunity to scale our technology and enterprise reach.”

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