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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #46

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Amdocs enters an agreement with Amazon Web Services

Amdocs has announced a multi-year agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer integrated cloud-based business support systems (BSS) to communications service providers. Under the terms of the deal, AWS is now an Amdocs cloud provider for Amdocs’ internal IT transformation. Working together, Amdocs and AWS will offer telecom providers access to a portfolio of digital services that shortens the time it takes for service providers to enter the market and gives them more flexibility to meet the needs of their end customers. The companies are also collaborating to develop and promote a variety of services that will help Amdocs customers migrate and upgrade their systems using a range of cloud solutions.

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Apple’s new Macs powered by iPhone chips

Apple is introducing new Macs that use the same type of chips that run iPhones and iPads. This step aims to facilitate the collaboration between the most popular Apple products. For example, Macs using the new chips will provide the ability to run the same applications as for the iPhone mobile operating system. The company said that the new Mac chips could speed up processing, improve design and extend battery life. For now, Apple will only place these chips in smaller computers: the 13-inch MacBook Air, the 13-inch MacBook Pro and the Mac Mini desktop.

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Noetica launches a public cloud service for contact centers

British company Noetica, that develops software products for the global contact center market, announced that its technology is now available as a public cloud service using the Microsoft Azure platform. Noetica Cloud can deliver contact center operations of any size quickly and flexibly. Also, Noetica Cloud offers embedded SIP telephony as part of the service or alternatively facilitating integration with any other SIP telephony operator of choice. This means that the contact center can switch to Noetica Cloud without leaving their existing SIP provider.

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Telefonica taps subsea cable assets

Telefonica has started searching for potential investors to gauge the sale of its submarine cable assets managed by its Telxius subsidiary for approximately $2.37 billion, as the company continues to restructure its business. According to the Telxius website, it operates an international network of 100,000 km of high-capacity fiber-optic submarine cables. The Spanish operator owns a controlling 50.01 percent of Telxius shares. Angel Vila, CEO of Telefonica, said that several Telefonica divisions were negotiating new five-year contracts with Telxius for the use of submarine cables at reduced fixed prices, albeit for a longer period.

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InterDigital and ABI Research: 5G will increase energy consumption

In a joint report, InterDigital and ABI Research said that by 2030 the 5G ecosystem will increase the current energy needs of the world’s mobile networks by 160%. The report says the energy consumption of 5G networks should increase due to active network elements such as energy-hungry baseband units, remote radio heads, small cells and core networks. The 5G industry is already one of the richest industries with 5.3 billion consumers and $1.38 trillion in revenue. InterDigital and ABI Research warn that the envisaged universality and flexibility of 5G will make it necessary to address energy consumption issues at the start of deployment and in all network infrastructure components and devices.

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