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DIDWW to release API with significant functionality improvements

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DIDWW, an Irish-based telecom operator providing global telecommunication services, has announced the news of its upcoming new and improved API functionality. These updates will assist customers to fully automate their telephony  processes  and allow for the complete integration of their operational components into the DIDWW customer service portfolio.


The company is continually striving to increase the functionality of its services, and in order to achieve that, they are upgrading their platform by accelerating processes with automation. Because of its established priorities, DIDWW plans to make all of its user panel features available through the API, in order to optimize the speed of operations and improve process automation.


The current API is designed for telecom operators, making it possible for them to perform a wide range of actions, while helping to automate and further bolster their services. Some of the features include worldwide ordering and setting up of phone numbers, configuration of voice capacity limits, creation of SIP trunks, retrieval of call records and other convenient account management functions can be performed using the DIDWW API.


The new and significantly upgraded DIDWW API will provide the API users with all the tools that are fundamental to put efficient processes and implement automation into practice. The near future API improvements include Identities and Addresses feature, phone number portability and the associated compliant end-user data management, two-way SIP trunks configuration, and full SMS and emergency service provisioning.


The highly powerful DIDWW API, at this moment in time, is being restlessly developed, with the first augmentation to the Identities and Addresses functionality is set to be released in the first months of 2021. The updated API, suitable for a variety of use case applications, will provide efficient, comprehensive, and customizable performance, as well as large scalability for any business.

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