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DT and Orange improve IPX with blockchain

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The two companies, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier and Orange International Carriers, have announced the successful completion of a Proof of Concept (PoC) project to improve IPX services using blockchain technology.


According to the statement, they were able to validate that blockchain can be used by operators to expedite the automatic transaction of end-to-end network KPIs between providers. This provides operators with an opportunity to offer improved quality of service (QoS) and enhance network performance forecasting and incident management.


The cooperation between the carriers for this initiative was announced back in June. IPX systems are fundamental components for enabling international and domestic roaming services. Also, full-service level agreements (SLAs) on critical IPX networks are essential for ensuring that mobile operators can provide the best network quality. The companies said the results of the study will be presented to the GSMA.


Emmanuel Rochas, CEO of Orange International Carriers, said: “We now have proof that IPX service management can benefit from improved levels of efficiency and reliability using blockchain. This is both timely and relevant because the forthcoming integration of 5G into mainstream telecoms services requires efficient, reliable data transfer, so these advances will bring confidence to operators and end-users alike.”


Orange and Deutsche Telekom are also developing new IPX products. DT has released Premium IPX, which, according to the company, will provide much-needed comprehensive SLAs and QoS, as well as alleviate KPIs. Orange says that with the advancement of 5G and other technologies, expansion of today’s IPX systems are essential for the entire telecommunications industry.


Rolf Nafziger, Senior Vice President Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, explained: “We are proud to have successfully completed this PoC together with Orange. It validates the benefits of blockchain technology for optimizing IPX services. We have long been a proponent of collaborative work and invite any like-minded industry organization to contact us for cooperative projects.”

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