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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #3

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Nokia and China Mobile trial 5G RAN AI

Nokia and China Mobile have announced that they have successfully tested Nokia’s RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) over China Mobile’s 5G network. As alluded to in the name of the Nokia product, the focus is less on RAN itself, but more on its automated control, thereby eliminating expensive human labor from the process. Pasi Toivanen, Head of Nokia’s Edge Cloud Platform, said: “We are excited to have worked with China Mobile on this project to advance RAN network intelligence.”


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Deutsche Telecom’s Access 4.0 FTTH is live

Deutsche Telekom has introduced its Access 4.0 platform to the market, with the first customer using the fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) line in Stuttgart, Germany. The transition to more cost-effective and flexible distributed networks has taken many years, but Deutsche Telekom’s deployment of Access 4.0 is proof that it is serious about implementing this technology. Vendor-specific closed systems on the Access 4.0 platform are being replaced by open, distributed and microservice-based technologies. There is also an open-source element in Access 4.0, as Deutsche Telekom works in conjunction with the Open Networking Foundation, the Open Compute Project and the Telecom Infrastructure Project (TIP).


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LG might drop smartphone business

LG has been struggling for many years to maintain a leading position in the highly competitive smartphone industry, but has reported that it has lost about $4.5 billion in this sector during the past 5 years. Their smartphone business suffered losses for 23 consecutive quarters and it appears as if the company might be preparing to permanently reduce its losses in the market. On Wednesday, the company’s CEO, Kwon Bong-seok, stated in a letter to employees that there might be a “change in direction for the smartphone business”.


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 Atlantic Broadband launched Hosted Voice 2.0

Atlantic Broadband, a USA-based cable operator, has announced the release of Hosted Voice 2.0, which is now available to new and existing customers in all eleven states that it serves. The new offering builds on existing Hosted Voice product offerings with a new Manager Portal web interface that gives businesses and their employees seamless access to calls, voicemail and chat. Additionally, Hosted Voice 2.0 features new and enhanced software that ensures employees can access important contacts, calls and voicemails from anywhere, at any time. 


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Vodafone and MTS extend partnership

The Vodafone Group has expanded its strategic partnership agreement with the Russian mobile market leader MTS until 2023, ensuring that cooperation covering procurement, marketing and network operations will continue as is, including many joint projects. Reportedly, this partnership includes new opportunities to improve MTS business operations, foster technological innovation and strengthen strategic implementation across all consumer and business segments. The agreement gives MTS access to Vodafone’s expertise in network and IT management, supply chain and equipment acquisitions.


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