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Telefónica and IBM announce Cloud Garden 2.0

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Telecommunications giant Telefónica has expanded its long-standing technology partnership with IBM and announced the release of Cloud Garden 2.0, the next step in Telefonica’s cloud services platform to accelerate application modernization. Cloud Garden 2.0 is supported on IBM Cloud Pak and Red Hat OpenShift.


The first iteration of Cloud Garden, launched in 2019, was originally based on IBM Cloud Private technology. However, Cloud Garden 2.0 switched to the hybrid Red Hat OpenShift cloud Kubernetes platform and the IBM Cloud Pak for Application. Telefónica customers can now run their applications on containers on premises or in the cloud environment of their choice, along with the simplification and speeding up when launching new solutions. Cloud Garden 2.0 is hosted through Telefonica’s Virtual Data Center in Spain, helping its customers experience low latency and better uptime for managing their applications.


Andrés López Hedoire, de Enterprise Product Marketing Director, Telefónica España, commented: “We are very pleased to have been able to count on the right partners to accelerate our hybrid cloud strategy and offer our clients the speed, flexibility and decision-making power they need to modernize and quickly launch innovative digital services to their users and customers.”


Cloud Garden 2.0 accelerates the time taken by customers to build next-generation applications that improve quality and productivity in key business operations, from customer-centric applications to mission-critical internal processes. This platform allows customers in a variety of industries to reduce the complexity of their development process and quickly bring to market innovative services that can be deployed anywhere on-site or in a cloud environment.


Telefónica‘s cloud services are part of the company’s business market strategy and digital transformation under the Telefónica Empresas brand, covering a unique offering supported by 6 major business areas: connectivity, clouds, the Internet of Things, security, big data and the digital workplace. Telefónica Empresas offers a centralized service offer for each project from start to finish.