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Snom enhances audio quality of its C520-WiMi conference system

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Snom, the globally established brand for modern IP telephony, has enhanced the quality and performance of its C520-WiMi conference system, offering businesses of all sizes a more powerful, cost-effective solution for audio conferencing.


First launched in 2019, the C520’s features quickly made it a key component of corporate communications during the pandemic – enabling employees to maintain social distancing in large meeting rooms without losing transmission quality.


Snom’s customers are now facing new communication demands due to hybrid working and require solutions that can be used both at home and in the workplace. This has prompted Snom to further enhance the already superior technology of its C520-WiMi.


The manufacturer runs its own audio laboratory in Berlin, equipped with the world’s most advanced tools for sound optimisation. And the fine tuning of the C520-WiMi has paid off:often, the performance and audio quality of the conferencing system exceeds that of more expensive solutions offered by competitors* and is comparable with products in higher price categories.


Dusan Aleksic, Head of Hardware Development at Snom, explains: “Providing the best possible audio quality is always our core focus. The sound design of a phone is almost an art form for us: to reproduce voices so they are crystal clear, without glitches and interference factors, takes more than just a loudspeaker and a microphone.”


The C520-WiMi Ref.2 replaces the previous model at the same price. The cost effective C520-WiMi Ref.2 conference system is available for £172. Now more than ever, it is a perfect solution for telephone conversations with several participants.


What has been improved?


Snom’s technicians succeeded in improving the results of the “TOSQA Procedure” (Telecommunications Objective Speech Assessment) and now consistently reach TMOS values (TOSQA Mean Opinion Score) of 3 on receipt and 3.5 with transmitted audio samples.


In telecommunications, 4.2 is considered the maximum achievable value. Competitors devices, which can be up to 40% more expensive, achieve results of 3.2 (reception) or 3 (transmission).


The “Double Talk Performance“ – in other words, the ability to send and receive simultaneously without losing signal quality – has also been increased (by up to 7%).


Last but not least, the playback quality of the integrated full-duplex loudspeaker has been increased. This means the C520-WiMi Ref.2 in the 3.4 KHz frequency range can easily keep up with high-end competition. At the 7 KHz range, sound reproduction is even better and a volume of -2.75 dB is convincing in comparison with competitors (-2.42 dB).