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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #45

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BT is opening a robotics research facility

BT Labs in Suffolk, England, will open a 5,000-square-foot robotics research laboratory to create robotic solutions for telecom and civil engineering. The lab is the first of its kind in the United Kingdom. BT anticipates that academics at the new facility will collaborate with colleges and utilities to create and test technologies that will advance the pace of BT’s fiber rollout as well as the upgrading of the power and water providers’ subterranean and overhead networks. The researchers will concentrate on issues such as installing new fiber infrastructure without digging up roadways and sidewalks, providing trenchless infrastructure utilizing robotic locomotion and excavation techniques, and more.

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Cisco powers AT&T managed SASE offering

AT&T is adding a new product to its worldwide, managed Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) portfolio. AT&T SASE with Cisco is an unified network and security management solution that uses SD-WAN technologies to connect and secure companies. Organizations can accelerate cloud-based application adoption with AT&T SASE with Cisco by providing optimized, highly secure, and dependable digital experiences. AT&T’s and Cisco’s combined networking and security expertise will deliver a future-ready, unified solution through a single supplier, as well as the freedom to optimize the network on a site-by-site basis and dynamically route traffic across various wide area network connections.

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FlexIP Solutions rolls out Flex Networking

FlexIP Solutions, a supplier of custom managed communications solutions for organizations, has announced the release of Flex Networking, a managed service that enables enterprises to have always-on Internet connectivity. Flex Networking makes use of low cost broadband Internet to boost the performance of connections for cloud services such as Unified communications, video conferencing, web meetings, virtual desktops, Software as a Service, and others. Flex Networking employs SD-WAN technology and a decentralized architecture to control traffic in real time over numerous broadband connections such as fiber, cable, DSL and wireless.

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Apple launches Apple Business Essentials

Apple has released a beta version of Apple Business Essentials, a device management solution geared for firms with less than 500 employees. Device management, 24/7 phone assistance for IT and end users, iCloud corporate storage, and on-site repair capabilities are all included in the package. The solution manages the whole device life cycle, from device setup through employee onboarding and device upgrades, while also offering high security and secure data storage and backup. The free beta phase has already begun, with the full service launching in spring 2022.

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Vodacom announces two acquisition agreements

Vodacom Group and Vodafone have reached an agreement for Vodacom Group to purchase a controlling 55 percent share in Vodafone Egypt. The proposed deal is valued at about $2.738 billion and is subject to regulatory and shareholder approvals. Furthermore, Vodacom Group announced that it has reached an agreement to buy a strategic share in Community Investment Ventures Holdings’ (CIVH) fiber assets and to establish InfraCo. With this deal, Vodacom will own a co-controlling 30% equity investment in the newly established InfraCo, with the possibility of acquiring an additional 10% stake to raise their holdings to 40%.

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