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How Hosted VoIP can benefit startups

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There are a few things that are as challenging and thrilling as running your own business. But owning a business is also a big responsibility. Today’s markets are highly competitive and there are numerous experienced business owners who might intimidate you with their knowledge and work experience.

In every business, your communication with customers is often the most important component of your success. Direct communication allows you to explore your customers’ habits and interests, but most importantly, build relationships with them.

You might think that Internet telephony only benefits larger enterprises, but that is simply not true. In fact, small businesses, especially startups, can greatly benefit from the extra freedom, flexibility and lower costs that an Internet phone service offers. VoIP has helped small businesses improve their phone call handling by 67%, message management by 63% and remote work by 57%.

Why Hosted VoIP?

There are many good reasons to try a hosted VoIP solution for your small business. Worldwide, hosted VoIP adoption rates are rising steadily as more businesses seek to reduce business costs. So, when it comes to making a minimal and effective capital investment, hosted VoIP is sure to win.

Opting for a hosted VoIP phone system proves to be a smart choice for startup businesses. This solution offers numerous features and enables tailoring to specific requirements. Moreover, it provides a flexible approach for budget-conscious companies, allowing startups to establish their business with minimal financial risk.

Although startup businesses are usually small, they still need all the phone features that a large business or enterprise would use. Employees often take on several roles starting from the day of the company launch, and growth can be rapid, requiring a business phone service that can scale up with you.

Benefits of Hosted VoIP

If you are reading this, you are probably wondering if a hosted phone system can be useful for your startup. And our answer is: yes, definitely. Aside from being able to communicate effectively, a VoIP phone system offers a myriad of advantages for your business from start to finish. The phone system will not only help your business run more smoothly. It will also make your business look and sound more professional.


Firstly, a hosted VoIP solution can be up and running in less than 24 hours. In addition, there are significant savings when using VoIP. There are some initial investment costs in handsets, but they can be avoided. VoIP has advanced from requiring traditional desktop headsets and can use a softphone app on a smartphone or computer.

Moreover, making calls is cheaper compared to using a traditional phone line, both locally and internationally. In addition, many VoIP phone service providers try to adapt their pricing plans to new businesses and offer them a cost-efficient solution.

Also, there is no physical PBX equipment on-site, which means that no maintenance is required. The VoIP provider maintains the PBX, not you. Not having all of this phone equipment will save you money as you will not have to maintain the equipment and call professionals for those on-site visits every time you need the phone moved or the system updated.


Hosted VoIP is flexible and can scale as required. Some startups may need a minimal number of features to get started as economically as possible. However, finding a provider that offers a full suite of VoIP features can benefit your business as it grows. A hosted VoIP service offers a wide range of features that make it exceptionally easy for an organization to stay in touch with its customers and employees. Call routing, call analytics, IVR and call queues are only a few reasons why a hosted VoIP solution is the way to go.


Furthermore, with VoIP you unlock mobility, and studies show that productivity increases alongside mobility. Although not all service providers offer the same VoIP service add-ons, mobility is one of the most common benefits that businesses can take advantage of when moving to hosted VoIP. Contingent on your VoIP provider and configuration solutions, you can enable phone calls to ring both on desktops and mobiles at the same time. By enabling mobile call forwarding, fewer calls go unanswered, allowing company staff to work outside the office.

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VoIP significantly simplifies day-to-day business communications, which is one of the key prerequisites for building a successful business and developing your brand. All you have to do is find a VoIP vendor that will unlock the door to the world of global communications. VoIP will definitely be a strategic solution for any startup and will provide great opportunities to a growing organization.

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