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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #4

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TIA releases supply chain security standard

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) has compiled the SCS 9001 specification, which it claims is the world’s first supply chain security standard designed particularly for the ICT industry. The SCS 9001 standard applies to all ICT sector goods, including software, hardware and services that are linked to the association’s global networks. SCS 9001’s goal is to validate end-to-end cyber and physical security throughout ICT network infrastructure. The new standard is based on a Quality Management System (QMS) that operationalizes industry best practices and recommendations such as ISO 27001, the Prague Proposals, applicable NIST standards, and the CSIS Criteria for Security and Trust.

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Metro by T-Mobile US now part of the Affordable Connectivity Program

Metro by T-Mobile has joined the federal government’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). All eligible Metro by T-Mobile customers, new and old, will be able to obtain free wireless services with high-speed smartphone data or receive a discount of up to $30 (up to $75 off for tribal territories), on all Metro by T-Mobile smartphone plans with data starting on January 27. Also, all subscribers will receive free 5G connectivity on America’s largest 5G network, as well as Scam Shield, which includes free Scam ID, free Scam Block and free Caller ID.

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Verizon Business and Atos to work on predictive analytics solution

Verizon Business and Atos have expanded their partnership with a new agreement to deliver predictive analytics powered by private 5G multi-access edge computing to industrial clients. This collaborative project will include an end-to-end architecture that encompasses hardware, apps and service desk support. Atos will provide their video and image analytics platform for cloud and edge applications, Computer Vision. This solution, which was unveiled last summer, uses artificial intelligence to handle a variety of use cases in industries such as logistics and manufacturing.

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Bandwidth’s Duet now available on Genesys

Bandwidth is expanding its Duet product range through integration  with the Genesys Cloud CX platform. This combined solution will enable businesses to decouple complicated telephony from their communications systems, and locate these services within the contact center. Bandwidth Duet for Genesys is a complete “Bring Your Own Carrier” (BYOC) solution for Genesys Cloud CX. By working together, these two cloud communications experts present a roadmap for businesses to migrate to a contemporary contact center solution while maintaining crucial call data, thereby gaining flexibility, scalability and control. 

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SimpleCloud workspace Solution launches on IBM Marketplace

SimpleCloud is now accessible on the IBM Cloud Catalog. SimpleCloud is a global workspace as a Service  (WaaS) platform targeting end users, allowing for safe, flexible and seamless cooperation on all demanding activities, such as coding, digital content development and maintenance. SimpleCloud operates in both pure cloud and hybrid scenarios, allowing on-premises infrastructure to be readily extended. This platform will enable IBM Cloud Catalog clients to provide flexible remote work and secure communication between workers and third parties from anywhere in the world, using any basic device to connect to high-performance virtual desktops.

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