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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #18

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BT announces a new deal with Amazon Web Services

BT’s Digital division has announced a new partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), which will see the cloud giant assist BT in migrating internal applications to the cloud. This initiative is part of BT’s larger strategy, which aims to modernize the company’s operations and save up to £2 billion each year by 2025. The operator claims that it will continue to make large investments and leverage AWS technology to improve its internal operations.

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Apple under pressure over NFC access

Apple has been accused by the European Commission (EC) of misusing its position to prevent competitor mobile wallets from being used on iOS devices. The European Commission stated that in order to benefit Apple Pay, the vendor restricts third-party wallet software developers’ access to the NFC input on its devices. If this statement is confirmed, it would appear to violate Article 102 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, which prohibits the exploitation of a dominating market position.

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Atos launches new service – Atos BOaaS

Atos has launched “Atos Business Outcomes-as-a-Service ” (Atos BOaaS), a 5G, edge and IoT service that has been co-developed with Dell Technologies. This product extends the benefits of cloud architecture to the edge and far edge to offer AI-based business value while automating deployment, monitoring and administration from end-to-end. Customers can use IoT data streams and analytics to generate significant, quick and repeatable business outcomes, as well as manage their IoT ecosystem from a single dashboard.

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Iristick releases Microsoft Teams-based video conferencing solution

Iristick, a leading manufacturer of industrial and medical smart glasses, has announced the availability of Microsoft Teams videoconferencing on their devices. ‘Microsoft Teams on Iristick’ offers a hands-free, remote help and collaboration solution. Users can use voice commands to livestream, take and share photos, control the camera view, and zoom in for details during a call. As a consequence, maintenance issues are better diagnosed, technical help is faster and enhanced, and downtime and expenses are decreased.

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Dish Wireless rolls out its 5G network 

After several months of delays, Dish Network Corp introduced its 5G service to users in Las Vegas on Wednesday. The Project Genesis subscription, which costs $30 per month, provides unlimited data, call and text. Customers who enroll in Project Genesis will receive a new Motorola Edge Plus smartphone. The debut comes less than a month before regulators set a new deadline for Dish to cover 20% of the US with 5G connectivity.

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