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Dialpad launches a predictive engine dubbed Ai CSAT

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Dialpad has launched Ai CSAT, a technology that evaluates each and every contact center interaction and forecasts customer satisfaction (CSAT) in real time. Dialpad’s Ai CSAT solution seeks to assist businesses in their desire to move away from post-call surveys, which can generate customer weariness and are sometimes seen as relationship deterrents.


As a major component of the Dialpad TrueCaaS platform, Ai CSAT will enable insight into 100% of conversations and evaluate each client call. Organizations will be able to gain actionable data using AI and the customer satisfaction (CSAT) score, resulting in a superior customer experience.


The purpose of AI CSAT is to enable a customer-centric strategy in which businesses may compile a comprehensive image of their consumers without bothering those customers with human feedback or surveys. This strategy will improve customer service by providing an accurate average CSAT score for each client and decreasing uncertainty and conflicting viewpoints.


The company expects that the data would help CX teams identify key drivers and obstacles to customer satisfaction. Within the first three weeks of using Dialpad, early-access customers have experienced a 15% increase in CSAT ratings. Users also employed the technology to improve coaching efficiency, shorten agent training time, and reduce customer churn.


Craig Walker, founder and CEO of Dialpad, commented: “For the first time ever, companies of any size can obtain CSAT scores from every voice conversation rather than depending on a handful of customers to complete traditional, post-call surveys. With our pioneering Customer Intelligence solutions, including the recent launches of AI-powered Customer Engagement, Conversational Ai, and now Ai CSAT, Dialpad Ai Contact Center is easily five years ahead of anything in the market today.”

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