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Türk Telekom and Korea Telecom enter a strategic agreement

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A strategic relationship between Türk Telekom and Korea Telecom (KT) was launched on Sunday. This initiative will promote cooperation in the areas of media content, private fifth-generation network construction, and collaborative investment in startups. The cementing of this agreement is a conclusion to the two businesses’ nonbinding memorandum of understanding for collaboration inked at the Mobile World Congress in March.


The new agreement, according to KT, would increase consumers’ access to Korean media content offered by KT through Türk Telekom’s internet protocol television and streaming services. Depending on how Turkish viewers react, the agreement also suggests possibilities for expanded bilateral media content sharing and collaborative efforts to produce new media content.


Furthermore, KT has promised to share its private wireless network technology with Türk Telekom in order to establish an enterprise network by 2023. The private network architecture is anticipated to provide business and government clients with wireless networks that are faster, have reduced latency and are more secure. 


The two companies will also collaborate to invest in startups so that the solutions supplied by the investee startups may be used by both organizations.


Türk Telekom CEO Ümit Önal commented: “We are embarking on an exciting journey with Korea Telecom, the world’s leading technology company, to implement joint R&D projects in the field of 5G, to invest in start-ups, an area we value very much, and to exchange content for our TV platform. I believe that this cooperation will yield very successful results.”

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