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SIPPIO launches Fast Track Accelerator program for carriers and service providers

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In order to help carriers and service providers become fully compliant with the Microsoft and Zoom Ecosystems, SIPPIO, a global provider of corporate phone services, has launched its Fast Track Accelerator program.


Carriers and service providers who participate in this program become completely compliant with the architecture and automation processes needed for wholesale certification within the Microsoft Operator Connect and Zoom Provider Exchange ecosystems. The program provides resellers with a rapid path to start selling retail voice subscriptions. The cloud-based services from Microsoft and Zoom that are covered by this program include Zoom Peering, Microsoft Direct Routing, Microsoft Operator Connect and Zoom Provider Exchange.


With a completely customized, white-labeled platform that offers pre configured infrastructure and services for full implementation, the Fast Track program enables network operators and carriers to become Microsoft and Zoom providers. Through the accelerator program, which covers 74+ countries, service providers and carriers may offer their corporate clients access to phone services from Microsoft and Zoom using a single, integrated platform.


To maximize contact with the client, SIPPIO assists the carrier at every step. The extensive course includes topics such as creating offers, working with partners to create appealing value propositions, go-to-market strategies, prospecting, sales training, marketing assets, and more. SIPPIO assists the carrier in identifying the components required to complete their cloud voice enablement solution and promptly launch this service.


Dawn-Marie Elder, COO and General Manager of SIPPIO, commented: “We’ve created an easy to follow onboarding process to expedite the required architecture and technical requirements to enable global operators the opportunity to offer Microsoft and Zoom solutions through a single platform. In addition, SIPPIO guides carriers through the readiness process to develop marketing, outreach, collateral, and more.”

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