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InterDigital awarded five EU 6G flagship projects

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InterDigital, a technology research and development company, announced that it has been granted funding to support five Horizon Europe 6G Flagship research projects, each of which is distinctively devoted to empowering innovative technology advancement and exploratory infrastructures in 6G.


 InterDigital is one of the most well-known research and development specialists in mobile technology, so their involvement is not a huge surprise. It also gives us an idea of the kind of things Europe thinks are deserving components of the future generation of mobile technology, because being invited to contribute to no less than five projects was deemed a triumph worthy of a special announcement.


 The flagship projects entrusted to InterDigital are part of a portfolio of 35 research, innovation, and trial projects selected by the EU’s Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU). The SNS JU, co-led by the European Commission and the 6G-IA industry organization, is in charge of encouraging European leadership and technological independence in 6G while also accelerating 5G deployment throughout the European continent. The initiative has set aside up to €250 million to support the portfolio of 6G flagship projects.


 “We are honored to be awarded five Horizon Europe 6G flagship projects to help shape the 6G vision. Being selected for each of these unique projects will enable us to leverage our research heritage and expertise that will shape 6G development in Europe through the future,” said InterDigital’s Chief Technology Officer, Rajesh Pankaj.


 The following are the objectives of the five projects that InterDigital has been awarded:


 CENTRIC project seeks to advance radio access technologies in order to achieve the ultimate goal of a 6G user-centric Artificial Intelligence (AI) native air interface.


 PREDICT-6G project aims to establish the groundwork for an AI-powered Digital Twin framework to predict the behavior of the end-to-end 6G network and to utilize this framework to improve the network’s dependability and time sensitivity.


 6G-SHINE project focuses on the development of short-range communication protocols capable of meeting the severe bandwidth, latency, and energy requirements arising for 6G.


 6G-XR project aims to build an experimental research infrastructure to analyze and validate the performance of major 6G candidate technologies, components, and architectures, with the goal of providing next-generation Extended Reality (XR) applications.


 6G-BRICKS project’s goal is to create an experimental research laboratory to investigate two important 6G candidate technologies: Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (RIS) and cell-free massive multiple input multiple output (MIMO).

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