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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #9

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NTT DoCoMo partners with Ericsson and Keysight on 6G

NTT DoCoMo has announced the expansion of its experimental 6G trials, for which it has teamed with Ericsson and Keysight. The collaboration with Ericsson will concentrate on new 6G wireless interfaces for frequencies ranging from 6 to 15 GHz, as well as the sub-TeraHertz band, which encompasses frequencies exceeding 100 GHz. The collaboration with Keysight will put ultra-wideband communications across sub-THz frequencies to the test. DoCoMo has also announced that it is working on a RAN intelligent controller that will be interoperable with base station equipment from several Open RAN manufacturers.

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Huawei showcases its commitment to green technology

During MWC2023, Huawei sponsored the European Carrier Executives Roundtable, where Zhou Yu, Huawei’s network consulting and system integration domain president, addressed Huawei’s value proposition and innovative techniques in the green target network domain. The observations and remarks emphasized Huawei’s dedication to sustainable development and green technologies. Based on the Dual-E (Energy & Experience) Driven approach, Huawei’s Green and Efficient Integration Solution prioritizes both network energy efficiency and the user experience. By 2022, Huawei will have successfully implemented its eco-friendly and effective integration solution in over 30 countries, resulting in the delivery of more than 500,000 sites and over 100 networks.

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Bandwidth expands its relationship with AWS

Bandwidth is expanding its partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) by enhancing its cloud communications capabilities using the Amazon Chime Software Development Kit (SDK). Bandwidth will be able to incorporate machine learning-based real-time communication functionalities into applications, which will speed up the innovation roadmap and ease the creation of new use cases for Global 2000 organizations. Bandwidth is focused on helping organizations migrate their voice, text messaging and emergency calls to the cloud in a bid to cut operational expenses, take advantage of cutting-edge AI technology, and streamline corporate-wide digital transformation.

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Microsoft Bing chatbot now features different response tones

Microsoft has updated its Bing chatbot with the ability to choose between multiple answer tones. The chatbot, driven by AI, now has three modes: creative, balanced and precise. Ideally, the default balanced setting will find a balance between precision and creativity. The mode options were included to counteract the Bing chatbot’s prior impolite and unresponsive answers. The most recent version has improved the Bing chatbot’s response, with less confusion in the replies it generates.

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Verizon launches $500K grant funding for small businesses

Verizon has announced a $500,000 grant funding opportunity for small businesses via Verizon Small Business Digital Ready platform. This free online resource offers over 40 courses, mentorship, peer networking, 1:1 expert coaching and incentives such as grant financing. The initiative aims to assist diverse and under-resourced company owners in developing the skills necessary to flourish in today’s digital economy. Small companies can apply for the $10,000 grant by completing two courses, live coaching or community events, and enrolling on the Verizon Small Business Digital Ready site. The program is part of Verizon’s commitment to assist 1 million small companies by 2030.

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