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Nokia unveils enhanced AVA Energy efficiency software for CSPs

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Nokia has released an update to its AVA Energy efficiency software, which now features improved algorithms and power-saving strategies, allowing communication service providers (CSPs) to achieve significant reductions in electricity use in their networks.


The enhanced Nokia AVA Energy efficiency tool’s improved machine learning algorithms will allow CSPs to reduce power usage in their data centers, as well as network base stations, batteries and air conditioning units in telecom networks.


Based on customer testing, Nokia AVA Energy efficiency software can reduce power use by up to 30%, which is an increase of around 10% from the original program. The upgraded solution enables operators to automatically shut down idle and underutilized equipment using algorithms. It also offers the possibility to entirely disconnect gear through remote power control modules.


Businesses use Nokia’s AVA Energy efficiency software to reduce overall energy costs while addressing environmental sustainability issues in their operations. This product has resulted in more than 50 completed or active energy-saving projects with CSPs around the world.


CSPs spend between 3% and 20% of their overall income on energy costs, according to a new Analysys Mason paper titled “Taming Increased Energy Usage: The Key Role of AI-based Energy Efficiency Solutions.” It is clear that energy consumption efficiency is becoming an increasingly critical part of network operations.


Michela Venturelli, Senior Analyst at Analysys Mason, said that efficient energy consumption is a strategic imperative for CSPs. “They want tools that will meaningfully help meet increased network customer demands while lowering energy consumption. This latest Nokia AVA Energy efficiency solution is a solid contribution to those ends.”


Hamdy Farid, Senior Vice President, Business Applications at Nokia, stated that this upgrade to the Nokia AVA Energy software’s efficiency performance demonstrates not only the superior level of the company’s technical capabilities, but also Nokia’s broader commitment to cutting carbon emissions across its value chain.

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