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Telxius Pioneers Advanced Subsea Infrastructure for Global Connectivity

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The global subsea cable market is making substantial strides forward, and Telxius is at the forefront of providing advanced digital infrastructure. With a network expanding over 82,000 km of high-capacity fiber optic subsea cables, Telxius connects the main digital data hubs across the world. The company has invested heavily in the sector, deploying seven advanced next-generation systems in the past five years.

Mario Martín, CEO of Telxius, shared insights on the company’s recent activities, stating that they have announced a new submarine cable project, Tikal, to connect Guatemala and the United States, offering high capacity, low latency, and enhanced options for additional landings in Mexico and Columbia. Tikal is set to join Telxius’ robust family of next-generation subsea cables, including Marea, Brusa, Dunant, Tannat, Junior, and Mistral.

As digitalization booms, the submarine cable industry’s crucial role in supporting the trend cannot be overlooked. AnchorSubmarine cables carry 99% of international IP traffic, forming the backbone of global telecommunications infrastructure. Investments in digital infrastructure, subsea cable systems, and colocation services provide the foundation for worldwide innovation, transformation, and digital experiences.

Looking at growth and activity, Telxius has recognized the potential of regions such as Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Markets like Spain stand out due to their geographic advantage, facilitating connections between Africa, the Americas, and Europe. Meanwhile, countries like Colombia are emerging as hubs for Latin America, driven by their strategic geographic positions.

At the upcoming Submarine Networks EMEA event, industry representatives, including Telxius’ VP Sales Carlos Casado and Head of Business Development EMEA David Simarro, will convene to engage in productive conversations and collaborative learning focused on future developments in the submarine cable industry.

In conclusion, Telxius is committed to delivering cutting-edge telecommunications infrastructure and looks forward to continued advancements in the global subsea market. As the submarine cable industry continues to evolve, Telxius remains dedicated to staying at its forefront, always striving to offer improved connectivity and faster data transmission for customers worldwide.

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