Telefónica Tech’s Global Cybersecurity Expansion: Colombian DOC Launch

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Telefónica Tech has unveiled a new Digital Operations Center (DOC) at its headquarters in Bogotá, following the establishment of a similar global cybersecurity facility in Madrid last year. This move signifies the expansion of the company’s Cyber Security and Cloud operations on a global scale.

Several high-ranking executives attended the opening ceremony, including José Cerdán, CEO of Telefónica Tech; Alfonso Gómez, CEO of Telefónica Hispam; María Jesús Almazor, CEO of Cyber Security and Cloud for Telefónica Tech; and Fabián Hernández, CEO of Telefónica Colombia. Additionally, Mauricio Lizcano Arango, Colombia’s Minister of Information and Communication Technologies, was present, with over 40 representatives from local institutions and companies.

The 500-square-meter global cybersecurity facility in Bogotá will bolster Telefónica Tech’s operations services worldwide, with particular attention to the Hispam region and the United States. Sharing a time zone with several American countries allows the DOC to provide extended support hours for European clientele.

Telefónica Tech aims for its Colombian DOC to house more than 100 skilled experts by year-end and increase the figure to over 300 within three years. The professionals working at this location will collaborate with their peers in Telefónica Tech’s global operations area, reinforcing the organization’s 11 Security Operations Centers (SOCs) worldwide.

These Cyber Security and Cloud operations specialists will oversee clients’ security and cloud services 24/7, detecting, managing, and resolving incidents as they arise.

According to Telefónica Tech’s CEO, José Cerdán, the new DOC “reinforces our role as a global technology benchmark for the protection of companies undergoing digital transformation.” Telefónica Tech’s expertise in cybersecurity and cloud services enables them to provide clients with differentiated solutions, upholding high data and asset security standards.

The Telefónica Tech team encompasses more than 6,200 professionals from 28 countries, holding over 4,000 third-party technology certifications. Of these, 5,500 members focus on Cyber Security and Cloud operations, handling 350,000 security event tickets and approximately 500,000 alerts per year, with 13,000 being deemed critical.

The operations specialists are also responsible for safeguarding over 15,000 devices, carrying out around 600 industrialized service mitigations and managing more than 120,000 notifications. Throughout the past year, they have shut down 8,500 fraudulent sites associated with brand abuse and phishing.

In the first quarter of 2023, Telefónica Tech reported a revenue growth of 43.5%, totaling 429 million euros, and recorded double-digit expansion within their Cyber Security and Cloud division and IoT and Big Data division.

This development further emphasizes the importance of cybersecurity and cloud services, with companies such as Telefónica Tech playing a crucial role in ensuring data integrity and safety as businesses transition into the digital age.

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