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BT Group’s Cloud Data Management Leap: Redefining Efficiency and Ensuring Security

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The Digital Unit of UK telco group BT has successfully completed an EDM Council cloud assessment, claiming that it will offer a strong foundation for the company’s cloud and data ambitions. EDM Council, a data and analytics trade association, is responsible for the Cloud Data Management Capabilities (CDMC) framework, which is intended to evaluate an organization’s readiness for cloud implementation.

The assessment, which marks the first in the telco sector, was conducted by ProjectiveGroup and involved collaboration with 50 BT personnel from various disciplines such as data management, engineering, legal, privacy, security, compliance, and networks. By passing the assessment, BT claims it can now reduce duplication of effort in data classification and management structures by more than 70%, thus eliminating significant overlap.

The successful completion of the assessment also provides BT with “clear routes” to deploy strategic applications and data services, as well as inform the responsible implementation of analytics and AI. Ben Clinch, Head of Information Architecture at BT Group, emphasized the importance of having a robust foundation to build upon and drive value for the company and its customers. He also highlighted BT’s ongoing support and participation in the development of the CDMC framework.

John Bottega, President of EDM Council, praised BT Group’s commitment to cloud leadership and noted that having its cloud platform independently assessed would boost partners’ confidence in adopting cloud and hybrid-cloud strategies while ensuring data protection and control. By emphasizing the responsible implementation of data, cloud, and AI projects, BT aims to reassure customers and stakeholders that it is conducting due diligence before venturing into new technological domains.

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