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GoTo Revolutionizes Business Communication with Latest Tri-Annual Innovations

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GoTo, the company known for simplifying IT management, support, and business communication with its flagship products GoTo Resolve, Rescue, and GoTo Connect, has announced an array of nearly 40 new features across its product portfolio. As part of the company’s tri-annual release cadence, these latest additions aim to provide customers with enhanced capabilities for managing, securing, and connecting their businesses with ease.

In response to the growing trend of businesses considering consolidation of communication, collaboration, and IT management tools, which is now a top priority for over 80% of companies, GoTo is striving to enable business leaders to securely consolidate vendors while offering seamless integrations. By doing so, the company seeks to save IT teams both time and money by having a single provider for their needs. With the new features, GoTo ensures that IT teams and employees can stay ahead of evolving business needs and behaviors.

The recent enhancements include a Microsoft Teams phone integration, AI-generated scripts, a Miro integration, and Linux support. These additions complement the previously announced mobile device management solution and Endpoint Protection for GoTo Resolve.

Among the highlights of the new features are robust security measures for tools, devices, and company data. GoTo introduces mobile device management offering, endpoint protection add-on, admin permissions, and Azure Active Directory Sync to strengthen security and proactively address cyber threats.

The user experience has also received an upgrade with AI-powered features for greater efficiency. Enhancements such as Disruption-Free Unattended Access, Linux support expansion, webcam zoom, and an AI-enhanced script generator are aimed at streamlining tasks and simplifying workflows.

Furthermore, GoTo’s latest release includes data visualizations like Interaction Details, SMS Health Dashboard, and Conversation Review, which aid organizations in making more informed decisions based on data insights.

Additionally, the company emphasizes cost savings and increased productivity through integrations with Microsoft Teams, Miro, and Bitdefender, further enhancing collaboration and security while reducing expenses.

GoTo’s CEO, Paddy Srinivasan, expressed enthusiasm about the new features and their potential impact on customers. He said, “We are thrilled to offer our customers new, critical features like dependable device security, cutting-edge AI-powered experiences, the ability to create better business outcomes through data-driven customer decisions, and integrations that will save people time and money. At GoTo, we listen intently to our customers and continually evolve our products to meet their needs. Our latest seasonal innovation release is the culmination of months of work along with ongoing customer conversations and optimizations to ensure that our products are secure, innovative, easy to use, and reliable.”

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