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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #39

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Nvidia Pushes GPUs for 5G Telecom

Nvidia is striving to persuade telecom companies to incorporate its chips into their networks, with the recent launch of a GPU-accelerated 5G network by NTT Docomo in Japan. However, critics note a lack of substantial details regarding this achievement. While Nvidia’s GPUs excel in AI technology, their necessity in telecoms remains uncertain. Nvidia claims its GPUs can enhance performance, cost, and energy efficiency through Open RAN, but their exact role in this context remains unclear. The telecom sector sees a competition with Qualcomm, Intel, AMD, and ARM-based chip companies also aiming for a position in the 5G and AI domain, raising questions about the investment’s legitimacy.

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FCC Breaks Deadlock, Net Neutrality Debates Reignite

After a two-year deadlock, Democrat Anna Gomez has been confirmed as the fifth seat on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This move gives Democrats a three-to-two majority and could lead to significant reforms, including the revival of net neutrality discussions. FCC Chairperson Jessica Rosenworcel plans to propose net neutrality rules, aiming to reclassify broadband services as a utility under Title II. This would grant the FCC regulatory powers over service providers. However, Rosenworcel also advocates for a “light touch” approach to ease opposition. The proposal may face resistance from the US broadband industry, known for opposing net neutrality regulations.

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Telefonica Germany Teams Up with Skylo for Global IoT Connectivity

Telefonica Germany has partnered with Skylo Technologies to offer satellite-based Narrow Band IoT (NB-IoT) connectivity worldwide, starting in Europe and North America. Unlike traditional operators, Skylo collaborates with satellite entities to provide NB-IoT connectivity. The partnership includes integrated SIMs (iSIMs) for seamless network switching. Prasanna Iyengar, Skylo’s Director of Product Management, highlights the IoT market’s potential. Karsten Pradel, B2B Director at Telefonica, emphasizes the value of the alliance in offering IoT networking solutions. This strategic move expands IoT connectivity, bridging terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks, creating new possibilities for businesses and consumers.

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Nokia Explores Rugged 5G Devices for Harsh Environments

Nokia ventures into ruggedized 5G handhelds designed for extreme conditions. Aimed at industries like mining and chemical plants, these US-made IP 68-rated devices boast long lifecycles, interchangeable batteries, and customizable buttons. Safety-focused features include push-to-talk buttons, large buttons, and remote speaker microphones. Nokia collaborates with MOBILE, experts in explosion-proof devices. These 5G industrial tools are accessible through Nokia Digital Automation Cloud, serving industrial and hazardous environments. While not a return to mainstream phones, Nokia’s move indicates potential in specialized devices for challenging industries.

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