Hyperoptic’s Customer-Centric Shift: Offering Better Broadband Experience

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Hyperoptic is stepping into the realm of customer-centered service. With the recent relaunch of their brand, the company has decided to pivot with a customer-centric campaign named ‘In Your Corner.’ This initiative positions Hyperoptic as an attractive alternative to service providers beset by unsatisfactory customer service, opaque pricing structures, and inconsistent network connectivity.

Since its initial residential gigabit connection in Wandsworth in 2011, Hyperoptic’s network has experienced significant expansion. It now extends to over 1.4 million homes spread across 64 towns and cities within the UK. This growth was primarily fueled by forming connections with new construction developments and residential locales in areas with a high population density.

“The most important job we have is to connect customers – that’s how we show people across the UK that there’s a better way for broadband to be done,” says Hyperoptic’s Founder and CEO Dana Tobak. “We know that broadband users deserve better, and we’re committed to a five-star customer experience.”

The company’s commitment to a superior customer experience is fundamental to its success. Research indicates that many UK broadband users are tolerating less-than-ideal service from providers. Disappointingly, nearly a quarter (23%) of broadband customers have never changed providers. Moreover, 30% indicated their desire to switch, but cited the hassle and time-consuming nature of the process as deterrents. An additional 22% were open to switching, but anticipated that their current service provider would attempt to obstruct their efforts.

In 2019, KKR, a leading global investment firm, acquired a majority stake in Hyperoptic. Propelled by this significant investment, Hyperoptic forges ahead on its mission to connect 500,000 customers, aiming to pass two million homes. As the company continues to scale, it remains committed to providing the market-leading penetration and exceptional customer service that have become its hallmarks.

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