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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #40

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Google’s Pixel 8 Promises 7 Years of Updates and Innovative Features

Google’s latest Pixel 8 smartphone series boasts a remarkable seven-year commitment to security and operating system updates, surpassing Android rival Samsung’s offerings. This extended support, revealed at Google’s Made by Google event, aims to extend the devices’ lifespans in economically uncertain times. Google’s strategy mirrors Apple’s approach, strengthening its ecosystem through enduring hardware. The Pixel 8 Pro distinguishes itself with advanced computational photography and a groundbreaking temperature sensor capable of measuring object and surface temperatures, with plans for FDA-approved body temperature monitoring. Additionally, Google’s AI advancements, including Assistant with Bard, position the company ahead of competitors Samsung and Apple in the generative AI race.

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Microsoft Unveils Faster, Sleeker Teams App with Improved Features

Microsoft has officially launched the revamped Microsoft Teams chat client, boasting significantly improved speed and efficiency. The new version is up to two times faster and consumes 50 percent less memory. The update is achieved by transitioning from Electron foundations to Microsoft’s Edge WebView2 technology, alongside other enhancements like React JavaScript library and Fluent design language. Full feature parity, Mac support, and the foundation for AI-powered Copilot have been added. Businesses are encouraged to upgrade as new features will be exclusive to the new client, with automatic upgrades for classic Teams users in the coming months.

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Truecaller Enhances Fraud Detection with Unoideo Technologies Acquisition

Truecaller, the global leader in contact verification and spam blocking, has acquired India’s Unoideo Technologies Pvt Ltd. Unoideo’s TrustCheckr service, a SaaS platform, aids businesses in verifying customer data and identifying fraud risks using phone numbers and digital signals. Notably, banks and fintech firms have expressed keen interest in TrustCheckr. This acquisition bolsters Truecaller’s enterprise risk intelligence tool, launched recently, and expedites its deployment. Nami Zarringhalam, Truecaller’s co-founder, believes the addition of TrustCheckr’s fraud detection capabilities will benefit users and fortify their enterprise offerings. The acquisition adds seven employees and enhanced technology to Truecaller.

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Snom’s M500 DECT Phone Enhances Zoom Phone Reseller Channel

Snom Americas has announced a strategic partnership with Zoom Video Communications, Inc. to transform the Zoom Phone reseller channel. The collaboration introduces the Snom M500 DECT phone system, offering wireless mobility, crystal-clear audio, and seamless integration with Zoom Phone’s telephony service. Distributors like 888VoIP see it as a game-changer, combining mobility, clarity, and user-centric design. Snom Americas is committed to supporting the reseller channel and aims to provide top-tier products and marketing support. The partnership showcases their dedication to communication innovation, with a chance to experience the Snom M500 at Zoomtopia in San Jose.

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