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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #42

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IBM and AWS Deepen Collaboration to Enhance Generative AI

IBM has announced an expansion of its partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to leverage generative artificial intelligence (AI) and provide enhanced solutions to mutual clients. IBM Consulting will train 10,000 consultants in AWS generative AI by 2024. The collaboration will offer solutions like Contact Center Modernization with Amazon Connect, Platform Services on AWS, and Supply Chain Ensemble on AWS. Additionally, IBM Consulting will integrate AWS generative AI services into its IBM Consulting Cloud Accelerator. The move aims to help clients implement generative AI quickly and responsibly while ensuring business value and transformation.

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Sinch Partners with Webex for Unified Calling and Collaboration

Sinch, a leader in customer communications, has joined forces with Webex by Cisco to introduce Sinch Calling with Webex. This integrated product merges advanced messaging, meeting features, and voice capabilities into the Webex platform. The partnership aims to enhance communication for small to medium businesses, providing a one-stop solution for their voice, messaging, and meeting needs. Sinch Calling with Webex ensures high-definition quality and convenience, making it an ideal choice for global enterprises seeking a unified communication platform to streamline operations and foster customer trust and loyalty.

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Ooma Expands into Asia Pacific to Support IWG’s Work Solutions

Ooma, a smart communications platform, has extended its services to the Asia Pacific region to aid IWG, the leading provider of hybrid work solutions, serving over eight million customers globally. Ooma now provides phone and unified communications services in Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong, with plans to expand further in 2023. IWG collaborates with Ooma to offer tailored phone plans and a centralized call answering system, enhancing customer service. This partnership demonstrates Ooma’s ability to customize solutions, driving innovation in the communications industry and facilitating the expansion of flexible work solutions.

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Connectbase Expands Network Operators’ Capabilities in UK and Ireland

Connectbase has enhanced its data capabilities within The Connected World platform, catering to network operators looking to expand in the UK and Ireland. This expansion offers detailed tenancy data, aiding users in identifying, prioritizing, and managing new prospects. The data includes insights into building details, tenant information, and data layer views. In collaboration with Glide, Connectbase is now the first UK network service provider on The Connected World platform, allowing global service providers to access the UK network footprint with location-based intelligence, facilitating efficient procurement and connectivity management.

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