DNA Boosts Services with Juniper and NEC Data Center Upgrade

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In a strategic move to bolster its data center capabilities, DNA, a prominent mobile and fixed communications service provider in Finland and part of the Telenor Group, has successfully deployed an intent-based networking data center fabric. This innovative infrastructure, built upon Juniper Networks’ cutting-edge automation software and high-performance hardware, with advanced systems integration expertise from NEC Corporation, is poised to revolutionize DNA’s service delivery and operational efficiency.

The key focus of DNA’s data center overhaul is to not only optimize internal IT services but also to elevate business-to-business customer services. By leveraging Juniper Networks’ QFX Series Switches to power its Telco Cloud sites across Finland, DNA aims to enhance user experiences through low-latency networking with high reliability and capacity.

At the heart of this transformation lies the Juniper Apstra System, a unique, intent-based networking software that simplifies, automates, and validates data center design, planning, and operations. This turnkey multi-vendor automation solution, hardware- and OS-agnostic, provides DNA with a unified, real-time view of millions of data center elements, enhancing agility and reliability in network design and operations.

The Apstra-enabled network not only streamlines network management operations but also allows DNA to create templates based on desired intent and business outcomes. These templates are automatically converted into network configurations and policies, ensuring consistent achievement of defined outcomes. The continuous, closed-loop assurance and self-validation offered by Apstra maximize data center and services uptime, with real-time analytics providing faster and highly accurate root-cause analysis of network issues.

NEC, serving as the strategic partner for DNA, has played a crucial role in consultancy, validation, and premium-level support for Juniper’s solution. Leveraging their team of certified engineers, NEC ensures seamless integration and support throughout the deployment.

The collaboration between Juniper Networks and NEC marks a significant milestone for DNA, positioning them to unlock new revenue streams while delivering operational efficiencies and superior user experiences in the rapidly evolving landscape of mobile and fixed communications services.

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