Boldyn Networks and Rome Unveil #Roma5G Project for Enhanced Connectivity

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In a strategic collaboration, Boldyn Networks, a leading neutral host provider, has joined forces with Rome’s municipal government, Roma Capitale, to launch #Roma5G, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at revolutionizing the city’s digital infrastructure. The 25-year concession encompasses the development and management of a comprehensive 5G and Wi-Fi network throughout Rome, catering to both residents and the anticipated influx of visitors during major events.

With Rome expecting a surge of 32 million visitors for the Jubilee celebrations in 2025, in addition to its regular 15 million tourists, the city’s current connectivity infrastructure faces a pressing need for enhancement, particularly in high-traffic areas. #Roma5G addresses this demand by establishing a high-capacity, low-latency network that spans the city, ensuring seamless connectivity for its diverse populace.

Boldyn Networks will extend the #Roma5G project to cover Rome’s extensive metro system, comprising 68km of tunnels and 83 stations. The initiative also includes the deployment of a citywide free Wi-Fi network and the installation and management of 1,800 IoT sensors for smart city solutions.

City Mayor Roberto Gualtieri expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “The partnership with Boldyn Networks will facilitate the creation of a cutting-edge technological network, integrating 5G and Wi-Fi to deliver advanced digital services. Moreover, this initiative will contribute to reducing electromagnetic emissions, promoting a neutral technology accessible to all mobile operators.”

Boldyn Networks, known for similar ventures worldwide, is currently working on deploying the largest free Wi-Fi network in the USA in New York City. Additionally, the company holds a 25-year strategic partnership with Transport for London to implement 4G and 5G on the London Underground, progressively expanding coverage across its 121 stations. The #Roma5G deal, signed in June 2021, is valued at £2.2 billion, reflecting the scale and importance of the initiative in advancing Rome’s digital landscape. The project is slated for launch in the coming weeks, marking a significant milestone in Rome’s technological evolution.

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