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Elon Musk Explores Vi Stake to Navigate Starlink’s Entry into India

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In a strategic move to gain a foothold in India’s expanding telecommunications market, Elon Musk’s satellite communications constellation, Starlink, is reportedly considering a stake in Vodafone Idea (Vi). As of 2024, Starlink boasts a constellation of over 5,500 low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites, providing commercial services in more than 60 countries to approximately 1.5 million subscribers.

Despite its global success, Starlink has faced challenges entering the Indian market. Initial attempts in 2021 to launch commercial services were met with regulatory obstacles, leading to the return of pre-order deposits and a waiting period for government approvals. The company has since been advocating for streamlined approval processes, suggesting alternatives such as direct spectrum allocation.

Recent reports from BusinessWorld indicate that Musk may have found a potential solution to Starlink’s Indian conundrum. Speculation arose that Musk is exploring a stake in Vi, a move that sent Vi’s shares soaring by 21%. Vi, grappling with financial pressures and seeking fresh investments, could benefit significantly from Musk’s involvement as it races against looming debt repayment deadlines.

Vi, struggling to compete in India’s telecom market dominated by Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel, has faced challenges securing capital. The Indian government’s partial conversion of Vi’s debt into equity in 2022 was a lifeline, but Vi remains in search of additional funds. Musk’s substantial investment could not only bolster Vi’s financial position but also expedite its mobile network expansion.

While Vi seems a potential partner for Musk in India, other major telecom players have already aligned with satellite firms. Bharti Airtel’s parent company, Bharti Enterprises, invested in OneWeb in 2020, and Reliance Jio formed a joint venture with SES for JioSpaceFiber. These alliances present Vi as Musk’s primary option for a significant entry into the Indian market.

However, despite the market buzz, Vi has officially denied engaging in any discussions with Starlink, quashing rumors of an imminent tie-up. The outcome remains uncertain as Vi navigates its financial challenges and Starlink explores avenues to establish a robust presence in the world’s second-most populous country.

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