Exploring CMC Networks’ AI Assisted Global Network Enhancement

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In the heart of Johannesburg, CMC Networks, a prominent global Tier 1 service provider, has announced the enhancement of its Global Network Operations Centre (GNOC). The upgrade, carried out in tandem with the recent move to their fresh premises in Sandton, South Africa, promises to greatly enrich the capacity of their network, as well as enhance operator efficiency and customer experience.

The improvement scheme consists of an increased integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation within the operational framework. This includes the implementation of Juniper Mist AI, facilitating seamless integration across CMC Networks’ switching, routing, and Access Point (AP) network fabric. AI, machine learning, and data science techniques are skilfully blended in this solution, optimising operations across their wireless access, wired access, and software-defined wide-area networks (SD-WAN). This higher-level data, derived from APs, switches, routers, and firewalls across CMC’s network, will then be used to augment customer experiences end-to-end.

CMC Networks’ CEO, Marisa Trisolino outlines the vision behind this upgrade, “The enhancement to our Global Network Operations Centre symbolises our commitment to digitally transforming our network and operations for our customers. We now possess greater visibility and intelligence to preemptively tackle and mitigate potential issues before the network is impacted, and quickly take remedial action.”

This upgrade corroborates CMC Networks’ dedication towards enhancing the agility of its NOC support teams by leveraging AI-driven insights. It also demonstrates their focused efforts on heightening the efficiency of their network, ensuring a seamless end-to-end customer experience.

In addition, CMC Networks also aims to enrich its operational performance by utilizing an advanced IT service management (ITSM) platform, where network automation and sophisticated AI-driven insights powered by NetBrain and BigPanda are at the core. These integrated solutions have significantly uplifted the company’s NOC team’s capability in supporting customers, providing novel levels of network visibility, automation, and intelligence.

On these advancements, Geoff Dornan, CTO at CMC Networks, remarked, “AI is swiftly transforming global networking. This will empower our operations to respond more deftly and accurately to fresh customer demands. Customers will enjoy new levels of visibility, efficiency, and performance.”

CMC Networks’ proactive approach to network enhancement has also facilitated its digital transformation, resulting in improved service availability and experiences for customers. The company is also poised for growth across Africa and the Middle East, following center3’s recent acquisition of CMC Networks.

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