Smart-Building Transformation: Fusing Historic Charm with High-Tech Connectivity

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In an innovative collaboration, global leading provider of access, optical, and AI-driven cloud software solutions, DZS has joined forces with long-time partner and smart building enabler, Andorix. The duo aims to reshape landmark sites across North America into modern, fiber-based smart-buildings, fully equipped for the rising needs of today’s digital workforce. Using DZS’s FiberLAN technology and Andorix’s manifold PON service, the alliance has reimagined the traditional, copper-based communications infrastructure in various historical locations. Consequently, these landmarks now support seamless integration and operation of essential base-building services like video surveillance, HVAC, access control, WiFi, IoT sensors/devices, and other smart building systems.

An exemplary case of this synergy is The Post in Vancouver. Once Canada Post’s local processing facility, the 1.1 million square foot architectural landmark has now evolved into an icon of smart building technologies, thanks to DZS FiberLAN and Andorix Managed PON. This innovation has not only made the building more economically sustainable for owners by generating considerable CAPEX and OPEX savings, but it has also made it much more appealing to both existing and prospective tenants, including top brands like Amazon.

“DZS FiberLAN solutions, in synergy with Andorix’s Managed PON platform, revitalizes the communication networks of these historical structures. It delivers hyper-connectivity, an improved user experience, and significant operational and capital cost savings,” highlighted Gunter Reiss, Chief Customer Officer of AEMEA for DZS. This partnership with Andorix is giving a fresh life to underutilized city gems, and modernizing the outdated communication infrastructure in historic commercial properties like The Post.

Buildings that have leveraged this alliance have seen an average of up to 70% energy savings, nearly 70% reduction in networking infrastructure space commands, and significantly cheaper installation costs. Other landmark facilities, such as 800 Fulton Market in Chicago and River South office building in Austin, have also been transformed into fiber-equipped smart-buildings.

DZS FiberLAN solutions portfolio is not only cost-efficient and highly adaptable but also life-long reliable, compact, and environmentally-friendly than traditional copper infrastructure. Shaul Swartz, Founder and COO, Andorix, said: “The communications network is the groundwork of any building – new or old. Our unified smart-building platform enables advanced facility-wide data collection from IoT and sensor devices, optimizes operations, and produces instant savings from both operational and environmental/social/governance perspectives.“

Andorix uses the latest PON technologies on its Managed PON platform, which offers excellent, scalable, secure, and affordable communication solutions.

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