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EE Launches Innovative Retail Experience in Gateshead

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In an exciting development for the telecommunications industry, EE has officially opened the doors to its brand-new Experience store in Gateshead, marking the beginning of an ambitious rollout plan. This store is the first in a series, with the company planning to launch over ten Experience stores across the country within the next year.

This novel retail concept was first introduced during the opening of the White City Westfield London store, setting a new standard for telco retail spaces in the UK. EE’s latest venture aims to redefine the essence of retail in the telecommunications sector by prioritizing innovation, personalized customer experiences, and community engagement.

The newly inaugurated store in Gateshead is designed to showcase the importance of physical retail spaces in an era dominated by digital interactions. It features a variety of unique sections, such as immersive digital spas and dedicated gaming zones, underscoring EE’s belief in the irreplaceable value of in-store experiences for consumers.

Bridget Lea, EE’s Managing Director of Commercial, emphasized the company’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its customers. She highlighted that these Experience stores are part of EE’s broader strategy to become the most customer-centric brand in the UK. By allowing customers to explore and interact with the latest technological innovations firsthand, EE aims to enhance the overall customer experience significantly.

The launch of the Gateshead store follows EE’s major rebranding initiative in October of the previous year, which introduced ‘New EE’. This new era of connectivity brought forward innovative broadband and mobile plans, including the high-speed EE Full Fibre 1.6Gbps broadband, and the introduction of an ‘everything app’. This integrated platform aims to simplify customers’ interactions with EE by offering a comprehensive suite of services, from device purchases to subscription management, thereby reinforcing EE’s vision for the future of connected living.

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