Sonalake and KCOM Triumph in OTS Solution Integration Testing

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Sonalake and KCOM could barely contain their excitement when they revealed that they had successfully performed end-to-end integration testing of their OTS solutions. The tests encompassed the entire lifecycle of OTS, such as matching, ordering, cancelling, updating, and triggering, both in gaining and losing roles. The two companies are now well prepared for industry-wide testing when they kick off.

Neil Bartholomew, the Managing Director of Consumer KCOM, said, “From the outset, KCOM saw the value of OTS in promoting customer choice and took the strategic decision to be one of the early innovators in embracing the solution. We found the partnership with Sonalake to be a very good fit to KCOM’s agile and innovative culture.”

The affiliation between KCOM and Sonalake has provided a platform conducive for innovation and agility. This alliance aims at enhancing customer experience by offering them a wider range of choices, thus embracing OTS solutions in its early stages of implementation.

Consequently, Sonalake has been able to launch pivOTS™, an enterprise-grade solution aimed at assisting ISP’s in achieving OTS compliance. It accomplishes this in a secure and cost-efficient manner. According to Niall Halpenny, Director Telecoms at Sonalake, several ISPs have chosen to deploy pivOTS™.

“We were delighted to test independently towards KCOM’s OTS implementation,” Halpenny noted. He also expressed his team’s satisfaction working with KCOM, referring to the partnership as a “collaborative engagement with fellow pathfinders”.

This successful testing phase is indicative of the innovative strategies both companies continue to employ. By focusing on customer choice and the overall user experience, KCOM and Sonalake appear to be leading the charge in OTS solutions. As industry trials approach, the successful testing of their integrated systems reflects a promising future for OTS users and the telecommunications industry at large. The partnership between KCOM and Sonalake is evidently beneficial, further fostering an environment ripe with innovation and customer-centric approaches.

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