SAPEON and DOCOMO Innovations: Pioneering the AI Semiconductor Revolution

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In a significant stride towards expanding AI services, global AI semiconductor company SAPEON has joined forces with Silicon Valley-based DOCOMO Innovations, a subsidiary of Japan’s premier mobile operator, NTT DOCOMO. With this collaboration, SAPEON and DOCOMO Innovations aim to not only reduce costs and improve internal operations but also quicken the pace of developing innovative AI solutions.

The two entities have agreed to delve into a variety of applications, including Large Language Models (LLMs), image and video processing, and computer vision AI applications. To supplement these technological advancements, Proof of Concept (PoC) trials are expected to commence.

As part of this initiative, DOCOMO Innovations has kickstarted tests on SAPEON’s recently launched AI semiconductor, the X330. This product enables the testing of custom models and LLMs, having already tested the SAPEON X220 for high performance.

Expected to play a crucial role in sectors such as finance, healthcare, insurance, and call centers, this cutting-edge service will aid in enhancing operations like voice recognition, conversation-to-text conversion, and automated responses. Outperforming its predecessor, the X220, by over four times, the SAPEON ‘X330’ provides power efficiency that is more than double the previous version, proving its mettle as a valuable AI semiconductor for data centers.

With plans to target AI service model development companies and data center markets, SAPEON is banking on the X330 for its abilities to support LLMs. Being tested and verified for reliability with key customers, SAPEON is primed to roll out the X330 for mass production.

On the innovation front, SAPEON now possesses a design asset for autonomous driving technology. Having accomplished the achievement of an ISO26262 functional safety standard, SAPEON prepares to launch high-tech edge AI semiconductors. With a vision to deliver customized solutions via these AI semiconductors across various industries, SAPEON is setting a new standard.

SAPEON’s CEO, Soojung Ryu, proudly stated, “SAPEON is at the forefront of AI semiconductor development and has played a leading role in driving the advancement of related markets […] we are excited to collaborate with DOCOMO Innovations to engage with a broader customer base”.

Echoing these sentiments, YoshiKazu Akinaga, President & CEO of DOCOMO Innovations, proclaimed that with the commitment to adopting new platforms and fostering an open approach, DOCOMO Innovations continues to push the boundaries of technological innovation. Optimistic about the potential partnership with SAPEON, he asserted their vision to foster a new generation in the AI domain.

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