Innovative Cooling Technology to Revolutionize AI Data Centers

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In a significant stride towards sustainability, SK Telecom, alongside Iceotope Technologies and SK Enmove, has announced a strategic partnership aimed at revolutionizing the cooling systems of AI data centers. This collaboration, marked by the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU), focuses on the development and deployment of a liquid cooling technique designed to significantly enhance the energy efficiency of AI data centers.

The initiative arises from the pressing need to address the high energy consumption of cooling systems in data centers, which stands as the largest energy drain in these facilities. By tackling this issue, the partnership aims to lead the way in establishing more sustainable and power-efficient AI data centers.

Central to the collaboration is the utilization of Iceotope’s Precision Liquid Cooling (PLC) technology, which employs a dielectric fluid to efficiently draw heat away from critical server components, thereby markedly reducing power usage. This advanced cooling solution will be integrated into SK Telecom’s AI Data Center Testbed, utilizing SK Enmove’s specially developed thermal fluid to showcase the potential for significant improvements in cooling efficiency and energy savings.

Further enhancing the project, SK Telecom intends to innovate an integrated Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) capable of supporting various liquid cooling systems, with Iceotope providing essential technical guidance.

Looking ahead, SK Telecom is also setting its sights on developing an AI-based autonomous cooling system. This forward-thinking system will intelligently analyze and adjust the temperature and thermal fluid flow within the data centers, optimizing operational efficiency.

Lee Jong-min, Vice President and Head of Future R&D at SK Telecom, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing the combined strengths and technologies of the involved companies as a foundation for groundbreaking advancements in energy efficiency and sustainability in AI data centers.

Echoing this sentiment, David Craig, CEO of Iceotope, and Seo Sang-hyuk, Vice President at SK Enmove, highlighted the collaboration’s potential to significantly contribute to the immersion cooling market and affirm their commitment to energy conservation and environmental sustainability. This partnership not only aims to enhance the competitive edge in AI data center technologies but also underscores a shared commitment to a more sustainable future.

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