TSS Identifies Key Data Center Technology Trends for 2024

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Total Site Solutions (TSS) (OTCQB: TSSI), a provider of data center services that reduce complexity and time-to-value through the integration of high-performance computing infrastructure and software, today shared the 2024 technology trends making a significant impact on data centers, digital transformation, and the Internet. Driven by the transformative explosion of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and their impact on capacity and data compliance, these four trends will impact the market in 2024 and beyond: the adoption of modular data centers, new challenges for security and compliance, the impact of AI on energy efficiency and sustainability, and addressing the skill and talent gap in the industry.

“As the need for compute power and infrastructure continues to grow exponentially, particularly driven by AI and ML, the data center market and related technologies are having a significant impact on how people store, use, and protect data across virtually every industry,” said Darryl Dewan, CEO of TSS. “While these trends and the industry have the potential to change rapidly, understanding what is happening now will better prepare people for the future and pave the way for advancements that will drive and support the infrastructure needs of society.”

Data center technology trends to watch in 2024: 

  1. Adoption of Modular Data Centers: While “traditional racks” continue to grow, the modular data center market is poised for significant growth given the scalability, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and speed of deployment.   
  2. Investment in Security and Compliance: Always critical, new technologies and innovations by both the “good guys” and “bad guys” and new requirements to protect and ensure private and public data are not co-mingled is changing every step of the planning, building, deployment, and maintenance process. 
  3. Adoption of More Energy Efficient and Sustainable Technologies: With requirement and regulations for environment, social and governance (ESG) varying around the globe, technology innovation and improvement in processes are moving beyond protecting one’s reputation and brand to becoming a competitive advantage and opportunity to reduce costs.  
  4. Addressing the Skills Gap and Need to Increase Training: The data center sector is facing a skills gap due to rapid advancements, creating a need for professionals with specialized knowledge in AI, hyperscale solutions, modular technologies, and environmental considerations.  

“Our modern digital world is creating a level of demand for data center technology, infrastructure, and talent that has never been seen before — putting immense pressure on suppliers, vendors, and developers to deliver the components and capacity more and more rapidly,” added Dewan. “Companies in the sector that can deliver more rapid time-to-value and the expertise to simplify complexity will be the winners in 2024.”

Download the full Data Center Technology Trends report.  

About TSS

TSS specializes in simplifying the complex. The TSS mission is to streamline the integration and deployment of high-performance computing infrastructure and software, ensuring that end users quickly receive and can efficiently utilize the technology they need. Known for flexibility, the company builds, integrates, and deploys custom, high-volume solutions that empower data centers and catalyze the digital transformation essential for modern computing, data, and business needs. TSS’s reputation is built on passion and experience; as trusted partners of the world’s leading data center technology providers, the company manages and deploys billions of dollars in technology each year.

TSS offers a comprehensive suite of Data Center Services including Modular Data Center integration, deployment, and maintenance, rack integration and deployment, data center moves, structured cabling, facility and site surveys and assessments, cybersecurity solutions, and IT procurement integration.

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