Alkira and RestorePoint.AI Launch Cloud Data Management Service

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In a significant development at the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit in Orlando, FL, Alkira, a leader in agentless multi-cloud networking, has teamed up with RestorePoint.AI, known for its Secure Managed Data as a Service, to introduce a revolutionary cloud-based data management service. This collaboration is designed to empower mid-market enterprises with a private, secure network, accelerating the process of deriving value from analytics and Generative AI (GenAI) without the need for extensive resources.

The newly launched service tackles the challenge many mid-sized businesses face – the need to consolidate and categorize data scattered across various platforms, all while upholding stringent data security and privacy standards. By utilizing a secure multi-cloud networking platform equipped with detailed access controls and micro-segmentation, the Alkira and RestorePoint.AI partnership promises a comprehensive solution for data management.

Shamus McGillicuddy, Vice President of Research at Enterprise Management Associates, praised the collaboration for its innovative approach to meeting the demands of AI-driven enterprises. He highlighted the combination of multi-cloud networking and data management expertise as a benchmark for businesses aiming to leverage AI technologies securely and compliantly.

This strategic alliance is particularly beneficial for organizations dealing with substantial data volumes that require frequent synchronization and adhere to strict data privacy regulations, especially in sectors like financial services, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals. Abdul Altamimi, CTO of RestorePoint.AI, emphasized the challenge mid-market companies face in maintaining data security across distributed analytics and AI applications within hybrid and multi-cloud setups. This partnership aims to alleviate these hurdles by offering advanced access control and segmentation capabilities.

Alkira’s CEO, Amir Khan, remarked on the shared vision and understanding between the two companies regarding the needs of modern enterprises for flexible cloud infrastructure. He stressed that this collaboration is poised to narrow the market gap, enabling more businesses to tackle transformative challenges and compete more effectively in the data-driven economy.

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