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Telecom Operators Shift Focus to Enterprise Markets for Revenue Growth

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A recent study conducted by Juniper Research, renowned experts in telecommunications markets, suggests that operators are poised to tap into revenue growth opportunities by targeting enterprise markets, particularly cellular IoT. Despite significant investments in 5G networks, operators have struggled to monetize consumer adoption of 5G, failing to command substantial price premiums over 4G services.

The report, titled “Global Operator Revenue Strategies 2024-2028,” highlights the need for operators to pivot towards enterprise solutions to capitalize on the $900 billion global telecommunications market. An extract from the report is now available for free download.

One key recommendation from the report is for operators to invest in cloud technologies facilitating the deployment of CAMARA-compliant APIs. These APIs enable better management of IoT services over networks, allowing third-party software to communicate with specific applications within telecommunications networks.

5G emerges as the pivotal platform for operator growth in the IoT market, with its software-defined processes facilitating swift API deployment. However, to fully leverage this growth potential, operators must offer APIs that enable real-time device management, remote configuration, and integration with third-party solutions.

The IoT connectivity market presents a significant opportunity, forecasted to expand from $10 billion in 2023 to $23 billion by 2028. Benjamin Clark, co-author of the research, emphasized the importance of creating value for enterprises and exploring new revenue streams tied to enterprise activities.

Clark stated, “Despite investments in new technologies, strategies to monetize networks via mobile subscribers have fallen short. Future business models must focus on creating value for enterprises and generating revenue streams linked to enterprise activities.”

This shift towards enterprise markets signifies a strategic realignment for telecom operators seeking sustainable revenue growth in an increasingly competitive landscape. By prioritizing IoT solutions and API-driven services tailored for businesses, operators aim to unlock untapped revenue potential and solidify their position in the evolving telecommunications industry.

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