Qualcomm Unveils Energy-Efficient Wifi Chip for IoT Devices

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At the recent Embedded World event, Qualcomm, the US mobile chip giant, has introduced a new wifi System-on-Chip (SoC) named the QCC730 Wi-Fi solution. This innovative chip boasts an impressive 88% reduction in power consumption compared to previous equivalents, making it a game-changer for battery-powered IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

The QCC730 SoC is designed to significantly minimize the power requirements of wifi modules, specifically targeting IoT environments, as well as battery-powered applications in industrial, commercial, and consumer sectors. This technology breakthrough is crucial for devices where power efficiency is paramount, such as those operating in remote or embedded environments.

Rahul Patel, Group General Manager of connectivity, broadband, and networking at Qualcomm, highlighted the significance of the QCC730’s capabilities: “Complementing high-performance, low-latency wireless connectivity solutions, Qualcomm QCC730 SoC is an industry-leading micro-powered wifi solution enabling wifi for the world of battery powered IoT platforms. QCC730 enables devices to support TCP/IP networking capabilities while remaining form-factor and complete wireless constrained, whilst remaining connected to the Cloud platforms.”

Additionally, Qualcomm introduced the RB3 Gen 2 Platform at the same event, featuring the QCS6490 processor optimized for artificial intelligence (AI) applications. This platform aims to bring advanced AI capabilities to a broad spectrum of mid-tier IoT applications, paving the way for enhanced intelligence and functionality in IoT devices.

Jeff Torrance, General Manager of industrial and embedded IoT at Qualcomm, elaborated on the company’s vision: “We are excited to introduce the RB3 Gen 2 Platform, which is designed to bring advanced on-device AI capabilities to a wide range of mid-tier IoT applications. Coming soon, we will be expanding our portfolio of IoT products to address high-performance, industrial grade solutions that will bring a new era of intelligence, functional safety, and robust high-performance compute and I/O capabilities to the most demanding industrial applications.”

The unveiling of these cutting-edge technologies underscores Qualcomm’s commitment to advancing wireless connectivity and AI capabilities in the rapidly evolving landscape of IoT devices. The QCC730 wifi solution and RB3 Gen 2 Platform are poised to empower a new generation of energy-efficient and intelligent IoT applications across various industries.

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