Nord Security Launches NordStellar to Combat Rising Cyber Threats

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Nord Security, a leading cybersecurity firm renowned for its VPN solution NordVPN, has unveiled NordStellar, a cutting-edge threat exposure management platform designed to empower businesses in detecting and combating cyber threats effectively. Developed by the same team behind NordVPN, NordStellar aims to revolutionize enterprise cybersecurity by offering comprehensive protection against data breaches, fraud, ransomware attacks, and unauthorized access.

Vakaris Noreika, head of product for NordStellar, highlighted the pressing need for such solutions in today’s digital landscape. “Businesses often face data leaks without early detection. NordStellar enables companies to swiftly identify threats, automate monitoring processes, and fortify their defenses,” he emphasized.

The backdrop for NordStellar’s launch is the alarming surge in cyberattacks targeting businesses. Statistics reveal a sharp increase in ransomware attacks, accounting for a quarter of all breaches, alongside a 71% rise in identity-targeted attacks in 2023. Cybercriminals increasingly exploit valid accounts, contributing to 30% of all incidents.

Noreika stressed the simplicity with which threat actors can access sensitive systems, often leveraging readily available credentials from the dark web. NordStellar’s core objective is to mitigate such risks by proactively monitoring and thwarting potential threats.

NordStellar offers a suite of protective measures, including dark web monitoring for employee, brand, and corporate security. The platform is geared towards bolstering enterprises’ resilience by mitigating ransomware risks, thwarting account takeovers, identifying malware exposure, and safeguarding against identity theft.

According to Noreika, NordStellar’s multifaceted approach empowers security teams to detect and respond to threats swiftly, preventing them from escalating into critical incidents. By enhancing overall cybersecurity posture, NordStellar is poised to become a critical asset for businesses navigating the complex and evolving landscape of cyber threats.

In an era marked by escalating digital risks, Nord Security’s NordStellar represents a proactive step towards equipping enterprises with the tools needed to safeguard their data, operations, and reputation from malicious actors in cyberspace.

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