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Ooma Launches AirDial in Canada as Solution to POTS Phase-out

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Ooma, Inc., a leading communications platform, has introduced its AirDial® service in Canada, providing a crucial solution for businesses affected by the phase-out of Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) across the country.

The move comes as major Canadian providers like Bell Canada and TELUS are set to decommission their copper networks, marking the rapid decline of POTS nationwide. This “copper sunset” poses challenges for businesses reliant on POTS for critical equipment such as fire alarms, elevators, and building entry systems.

Ooma AirDial offers a turnkey replacement for POTS lines with an analog-to-digital phone service designed for compatibility with business equipment and regulatory standards. The service includes hardware, software, wireless connectivity, and remote management—all provided by a single vendor.

Thad White, Ooma’s vice president of product management, expressed enthusiasm for the Canadian launch: “Ever since we launched Ooma AirDial in the United States, we’ve been eager to make AirDial available north of the border.”

Ooma, which has operated in Canada since 2005 and maintains an office in Vancouver, aims to address the needs of businesses grappling with rising POTS costs and network obsolescence. The AirDial service promises cost-effective and compliant telecommunications solutions as businesses transition away from traditional phone services.

The availability of Ooma AirDial in Canada follows demand from U.S. customers seeking service across the border. With the phase-out of POTS accelerating, businesses in Canada now have access to a reliable, future-proof communications alternative.

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