Alianza Launches CLOUDEDGE to Accelerate Cloud Transformation of Legacy Voice Communications

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Alianza, Inc., the leading cloud communications platform for service providers, announced CLOUDEDGETM with new capabilities for telecommunications service providers (telcos) to streamline migration of legacy voice infrastructure to the cloud. The new access control solution offers a low-risk path for telcos to reduce operating complexity and gain network management efficiencies while also accelerating the path to service innovation.

For more than a decade, telcos have faced challenges in managing legacy services side-by-side with the development and delivery of net-new capabilities. These realities undermined revenue growth and left telcos vulnerable to competitive threats from over-the-top (OTT) competitors that were not constrained by the need to maintain network infrastructure, optimize service reliability, and deliver full-service capabilities, often in adherence with regulatory mandates.

Consolidated Communications Network Operations

Alianza CLOUDEDGE addresses the evolving needs of telcos by providing a new path to the cloud for the most complex migrations of legacy time-division multiplexing (TDM) infrastructure. Whereas telcos have had options to launch net-new UCaaS services in the cloud and transition softswitch services to cloud-based networks, limited capabilities exist to move millions of TDM routes to the cloud without significant risk to service reliability.

CLOUDEDGE helps telcos meet this strategic imperative and better manage operating complexity on a single cloud-based platform with the following key features:

  • Mixed-Access Use Cases: CLOUDEDGE controls gateways with support of multiple access technologies, enabling telcos to meet a wide range of customer requirements.
  • Protocol Translation: CLOUDEDGE seamlessly handles diverse communications protocols, allowing for interoperability and improved connectivity across networks.
  • Emergency Standalone Services: CLOUDEDGE ensures uninterrupted communications during emergencies by providing standalone routing of local voice and 911 traffic for both session initiation protocol (SIP) and non-SIP endpoints, delivering greater service reliability and resilience.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Consolidation of the full portfolio of core communications services onto a single platform results in a lower total cost of ownership for telcos with streamlined business management and billing processes. An application programming interface (API) enables seamless management of customer operations and more effective integration with billing software and other cloud-based solutions. These enhanced capabilities and more efficient operations further unlock resources to focus on service innovation, allowing telcos to stay ahead in today’s dynamic telecommunications landscape.

Future-Ready Technology

“The development of CLOUDEDGE marks a significant milestone in the journey towards the Telco 3.0 reality of modernized telco operations,” said Dag Peak, chief product officer of Alianza. “Telcos can now embark on their transformation journey [from TDM to the cloud] with confidence, knowing they have a robust and reliable platform to support their evolving needs and propel their business forward to what’s next as innovation continues.”

Alianza remains committed to driving innovation and empowering telcos to thrive in an increasingly digital world. CLOUDEDGE represents a key step towards achieving this mission and heralds a new era of efficiency and agility in telecommunications.

About Alianza

Alianza is the leading cloud communications platform for service providers. We help our customers supercharge growth, reduce costs, and transform into modern techcos. With Alianza, service providers can navigate the end of the softswitch era and upgrade to a cloud-native solution to power both legacy voice and next-gen cloud communications services — including cloud meetings, collaboration, and text messaging. Our team of experts is passionate about simplifying service delivery and ensuring first-rate customer experiences.

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