SK Telecom’s AI Data Center Standardization Project Gets ITU Approval

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South Korean telecommunications giant SK Telecom has secured approval from the International Telecommunication Union’s Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T) for its proposal to standardize technology for AI data centers. This development marks a significant step forward in establishing international norms for AI-related technologies in data centers.

The approved proposal aims to improve the interoperability and integration of components within AI data centers, providing a standardized framework across different technological aspects. The proposal introduces three key categories: AI Infrastructure, Management, and Resource Allocation.

The ITU-T, responsible for coordinating telecommunications standards globally with 900 entities from 190 member countries, recognized the increasing demand for international standards in AI data center technologies. SK Telecom presented its proposal at the ITU-T International Conference in Geneva, highlighting the growing need due to rising AI-related traffic and data center requirements.

Lee Jong-min, Vice President and Head of Future R&D at SK Telecom, emphasized the significance of this endorsement, stating, “The ITU-T’s endorsement of our new standardization project not only underscores the international community’s recognition of the importance of AI DC-related technologies but also affirms our extensive AI R&D capabilities in this field.” SK Telecom intends to finalize the AI DC standard specifications through collaboration with SK Group and global partners.

This milestone aligns with SK Telecom’s broader strategy to become a global AI leader. The company has intensified its efforts, as confirmed by Chief Financial Officer Kim Jin Won, who stated that SK Telecom is “stepping up efforts on all fronts to transform itself into an AI company.”

In pursuit of this vision, SK Telecom has made substantial investments in AI, including forming the Global Telco AI Alliance with e&, Deutsche Telecom, and Singtel to develop a Telco AI Platform for innovative customer experiences. Additionally, SK Telecom has invested in AI firms like Anthropic and Persona AI to further strengthen its AI capabilities.

The ITU-T’s approval of SK Telecom’s AI data center standardization project underscores the industry’s recognition of the importance of AI technologies and sets a precedent for global collaboration in this rapidly advancing field.

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